At Danish Crown Foods - producer of the brand Tulip

- we are proud of our more than 100-year-long tradition

in making high quality and good tasting products.

But we also know that good company is the final ingredient to any meal.

Did you know that...

Icon for timeline Tulip

... Tulip’s history can be traced back to 1887

Icon location Tulip

... Danish Crown Foods’s headquarter is situated in Denmark in the Northern part of Europe

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... Danish Crown Foods employs 2,500 people worldwide

Tulip logo black and white

... our world-famous trademark with the three tulips was first registered in 1909, making it the oldest brand in Denmark

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... the waste from our factories is transformed into biogas, which is used as a clean source of energy for Danish households

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... each year, Danish Crown Foods sells 150 million canned meat products. Stacked on top of each other, this is more than 1,500 times the height of Mount Everest.

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... Danish Crown Foods sells 5 cans every second

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... Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat is made with 100% Danish Pork 

World Champion in Food Safety

With more than 99,000 annual analyses and 2,000 visits from the authorities,
Danish Crown Foods wears this title with pride.

Read more about our Food Safety

Made in Denmark

All over the world, the Danish agricultural industry has earned a great reputation for its tasty, safe and sustainable products.

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Our Responsibility

Danish Crown Foods is a company that takes responsibility – for our Tulip products, for our customers, for the environment and for our employees.

Faced with these responsibilities, Danish Crown Foods focuses on health, environmental and social issues. 

We know our consumers care about the health of their families. Therefore, fat and salt content is a key consideration in every new product. Over the years, Tulip has significantly reduced the salt level in many of our products. This is done gradually because salt is an important ingredient in ensuring the quality and shelf life of our products.

As a major manufacturing company, Danish Crown Foods is aware of its environmental footprint. We are continuously striving to reduce our CO2 emissions and consumption of other resources such as water and electricity. In our factories, we have introduced several improvements which have reduced consumption considerably.


Danish Crown Foods has also changed its waste management procedures. Today, meat waste from our factories is converted into bio-fuel which contributes to eco-friendly energy for Danish households.

To ensure a motivated workforce, Danish Crown Foods regularly conducts employee satisfaction surveys. We recognize that both physical and psychological aspects need to be addressed to improve working conditions. We also request our distributors to sign a Code of Conduct which contains standards concerning e.g. environmental responsibilities and working conditions.

You can see all Danish Crown Foods policies here.